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Enrich your Life & Improve your Health
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Recover Vitality

Better Life & Higher Energy

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Three Rivers Restorative Medicine

Welcome to Three Rivers Restorative Medicine, an integrative medical practice located in Moon Township.

Standard medical practice in the United States is excellent in its treatment of acute disease. However, it does not allow (or encourage) patients to attain optimal health.

Dr. Keith Wharton, Medical Director of Three Rivers Restorative Medicine, focuses on a whole-body approach as the foundation of his integrative medical practice. For more than three decades, he has dedicated his research and practice to helping patients discover optimal wellness throughout their lifespan through functional medicine and anti-ageing practices ensuring that as his patient, you get real solutions to improve your health and quality of life.

What our
patients say about us

Dr. Wharton is truly dedicated to his work and cares about his patient’s wellbeing.  He continually reads current research and applies new knowledge to his practice. He has improved my life dramatically and has erased many, many horrible symptoms of menopause.  I value his input and hold him in very high regard, and I am sure you will too!


There is not enough words to describe how much better I feel since seeing Dr Wharton, he is professional but caring something you don’t find very often he truly cares about his patients, I’ve been getting hormone replacement pellets every three months and specially made creams just for me, Plus he’s the only one that even would talk to me about Armour thyroid ,and the way i feel and the way its helped me and also the vaginal rejuvenation has changed my life. Thank you Dr Wharton you have restored my faith in doctors. I feel better than i have felt in years…

Betty K.

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Three Rivers Restorative Medicine of Pittsburgh offers you the opportunity to embrace optimal health and experience a higher quality of life. Discover all that Three Rivers Restorative Medicine has to offer you on your journey to better health.


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