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Dr. Wharton is truly dedicated to his work and cares about his patient’s wellbeing.  He continually reads current research and applies new knowledge to his practice. He has improved my life dramatically and has erased many, many horrible symptoms of menopause.  I value his input and hold him in very high regard, and I am sure you will too!

Three Rivers Restorative Medicine Patient

I have found Dr..Wharton to be highly professional and very thorough in his management of my treatment. Just as important to me, Dr. Wharton is very sensitive to and empathetic with the challenges I face and the goals I have set for my health. He takes the time to listen and treats me as an individual. I can ask for no more from my Doctor.


I have been having hot flashes for 14 years, and I was so frustrated after trying many of the over-the-counter supplements with absolutely no relief. Dr. Wharton ran a battery of tests, some of which I have never had before, and from those results he prescribed a bio-identical estrogen/progesterone cream, along with a testosterone pellet.  The change I felt was amazingly different than I had been feeling for all those years.  I feel younger, more energetic, sleep better and longer, and the hot flashes went from 10+ down to about 1. Each time I visit his office, I fill out a questionnaire pertaining to the menopausal symptoms, and Dr. Wharton asks me a few more questions, then prescribes what I need.  He has truly made me feel so much better, and consequently, much happier. He is thorough in his comparison of the questionnaire, the test results, and the discussion to diagnose the problem and order the prescriptions.

Betty K.

There is not enough words to describe how much better I feel since seeing Dr Wharton, he is professional but caring something you don’t find very often he truly cares about his patients, I’ve been getting hormone replacement pellets every three months and specially made creams just for me, Plus he’s the only one that even would talk to me about Armour thyroid ,and the way i feel and the way its helped me and also the O shot has changed my life. Thank you Dr Wharton you have restored my faith in doctors. I feel better than i have felt in years…


Dr. Wharton:

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Bodylogic practice.

I am 47 years old, and I believe I have been suffering with perimenopause for the last seven or so years. I also have thyroid problems, coupled with chronic migraines that would last for days at a time. To sum it up most days I felt drained, irritable and just plain awful.

Through your gynecology office you had prescribed me bioidentical progesterone to help with my symptoms. For years I had taken migraine medicine as a last resort to get me through my migraine headaches, until the medicine didn’t work any longer. That time required me to go back to working with another Doctor to try and find a new migraine medicine that would help me. During that trial and error process one medicine landed me in the ER with all the symptoms of a heart attack. Mind you I have a husband, job, teenage children and now_ I am in the hospital twice in two months pertaining to my migraines, this time trying to figure out why I had this reaction to the medicine. At that point I have decided I am finished with any type of migraine medication, and I have no idea what to do next, because I know in a few weeks that migraine will be back.

So now I am back at your office, and during our visit you tell me about Bodylogic and the testosterone pellets. My feeling is what do I have to lose. So I give the pellet a try. What a life changing experience! The migraines do no come back until close to the 3rd month mark. Since then after some dosage adjustment and I also believe my body’s own adjustment I have not had ANY migraines. My only relapse was when I decided to stop taking the progesterone for 2 weeks thinking I no longer needed it, you know because I was feeling good. I got a migraine that lasted 5 days. Once I thought about what was different and re started taking the progesterone again everything has been fine for the last 7 months. So for me, the combination of testosterone and progesterone has made such a difference for me personally.

Wharton and I discuss my progress at my quarterly visits and make minor adjustments as necessary. I recently started having hot flashes again and heart palpitations. My blood work showed very low estrogen indicating menopause. He prescribed estradiol for me and now those symptoms are gone.

I am so very thankful for Dr. Wharton and Bodylogic. The last 18 months have been wonderful. Not only has my migraines ceased, the use of the bioidential hormones have reversed the miserable side effects of menopause and also gave me back my sex drive, energy, and a feeling of well-being. I have participated in a 3 time weekly boot camp exercise program at 5:30 am for the past nine months. That would not be possible if I didn’t have the increased energy levels. I also would like to report there have been NO complaints from my husband. LOL.