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April 15, 2020by 3Rivers

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Aesthetic procedures have come a long way in the past few years. Advancements in technology have enabled improved solutions that have less down time for the patient and have better results. Here at Three Rivers Restorative Medicine, we utilize Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) to enhance your appearance. For those seeking a younger look, our advanced treatments will give you what you seek.

Here is how PRP works. The plasma in our blood is rich in platelets. These platelets are tiny miracle workers. These platelets release 8 different growth factors that stimulate the growth of new cells. Imagine that you have a cut in your skin. The platelets gather to stop the bleeding and form a scab.  Then they go to work releasing growth factors that stimulate your own stem cells to grow new skin, blood vessels and tissue. It is the body’s own natural way of fixing damaged tissue.  We utilize special equipment called the Eclipse system and the Harvest Smartprep 2, which gives us a very high concentration of your platelets.

For the PRP facelift, a strong topical numbing cream is applied to the areas being treated. These platelets are then applied to the skin using a high tech Dermapen. This introduces the Platelet Rich Plasma into the top layer of the skin. Working together, the micro-needling process and the plasma do an amazing job of smoothing and lifting your skin. We call this a PRP Facial or PRP Facial Rejuvenation. Please note that PRP therapy has been used for 30 years in the dental and orthopedic industries. It is only now reaching popularity in the aesthetic field…with good reason — it is a fast procedure, it provides long-lasting results, it is affordable, and it is noninvasive.