Peptide Therapy

The human body makes many growth factors which are important in healing injuries and maintenance of healthy tissues. In order for stem cells to perform their healing functions, they must first be acted upon by growth factors.
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is only indicated for the treatment of a few rare medical conditions.

However, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analogues (GHRH) can be prescribed to help an individual increase their own Growth Hormone level. These medications are FDA approved and legal. You may be a candidate for using these medications to stimulate stem cell growth and repair. GHRH can also be used in the treatment of Sarcopenia.

  • Seromrelin
  • Tesamorelin
  • Ipamorelin
  • Sarcotropin

For adults in search of liveliness and rejuvenation!

What is

Sarcotropin Treatment?

Sarcotropin has come as a pocketbook-friendly and effective alternative to human growth hormone (HGH). Sarcotropin – comparable to its well-known, yet highly contentious counterpart, HGH – offers similar gains with regard to reducing the effects of aging.

Sarcotropin® is a medical food containing ingredients that oppose Sarcopenia – the ongoing loss of muscle or lean body mass (LBM) that can develop throughout the aging process. Using scientifically-based evidence, Sarcotropin has been specifically formulated to resist the contributing molecular deficiencies that are related to the commencement of Sarcopenia by joining vital ingredients in a medical food prescription intended to complement a standard diet. While detecting the anabolic significance of growth hormone, substantial thought, and consideration has been focused on the mixture of ingredients for the Sarcotropin formula that encourages instinctive production and secretion of growth hormone within the body.

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Benefits of

Sarcotropin Treatment

Sarcotropin treatment has shown to offer abundant health advantages. By increasing the body’s innate levels of growth hormone, benefits of Sarcotropin can include:

  • Increased lean body mass*
  • Reduced body fat*
  • Improved energy*
  • Escalated strength and stamina*
  • Boosted endurance*
  • Accelerated healing*
  • Strengthened cardiovascular health*
  • Enhanced immune system function*
  • Improved sleep quality*
  • Enhanced bone health*
  • Improved cognitive health*
  • Reduced joint pain*

Peptide Therapy in Pittsburgh

Sarcotropin treatment was designed for adults in search of greater liveliness and rejuvenation. To determine if Sarcotropin therapy is right for you, contact Three Rivers Restorative Medicine to schedule an appointment.

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