Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements - Three Rivers Restorative Medicine

June 18, 2020by 3Rivers

Physician-Preferred Supplements to Benefit Your Health

In an ideal world, our bodies would have all the nutrients we need, and at the right levels. But the reality is that most of us are deficient in one or more essential nutrients, primarily due to our “not-so-great” diets…we eat the wrong things. Even if we do try to “eat right”, foods in the market today are nutritionally deficient. Many foods are over-processed and have lost some or all of their nutritional value in the process. Even fruits and vegetables that we eat today are grown in fields that have been depleted of vitamins and minerals, so the soil does not supply the same nutrients that it did 10 or 20 years ago.

Supplements are part of our integrative approach to wellness. We highly recommend supplementation, but an important note is that if you are going to take a supplement, it must be high quality. The supplements that we recommend and provide are pharmaceutical grade, made with the highest quality ingredients and are highly absorbable. This ensures that you are getting the correct amount of the essential ingredient that you need. Lower-priced, over-the-counter supplements available in groceries, drug stores and warehouse stores don’t do much to replace nutrients.  They may use fillers and lower quality ingredients and may be stored under less than optimal conditions.

Even those of us who eat a healthy diet can still be lacking certain nutrients. At Three Rivers Restorative Medicine, our lab testing will reveal which vitamins and minerals are deficient. This is part of our customized, personalized methodology that we apply to every patient.