Sexual Wellness

for Men and Women

Sexual well-being is a topic that is frequently not discussed and may even go untreated, even though numerous women and men are confronted with changes in their sexual function, drive, and performance. With age, women can experience greater vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse; while men are grappling with symptoms like low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED).

A lot of these concerns leave people feeling defenseless and embarrassed, obstructing intimate relationships, and negatively affecting their self-esteem. The Sexual Wellness Program at Three Rivers Restorative Medicine was designed to treat a variety of difficulties that both men and women can face as they age, to help revive their sex drive and enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Revive your sex drive & enjoy a more fulfilling sex life!


Enhancing Sexual Wellness

In men, testosterone levels drop naturally with age, and this decline may result in effects that can impede their sexual performance. To improve muscle memory and sex drive, the Sexual Wellness Program recommends compounded, professional-grade supplements and prescriptions for men of all ages, so they are able to enjoy an active sex life again.

Testosterone can be replaced in men so they have the energy and vigor that was present when they were younger. Acoustic wave therapy can be used for erectile dysfunction or soft directions. Medications and pellet therapy are very useful in this respect. PRP injections of the penis, or P-Shot, can help to promote healing and stimulation of the stem cells for better vascular growth and sensitivity.

If the anticipated effects are not accomplished with the tablets, a compounded injectable is also offered in combination with additional medications. Your medical doctor will review this with you at your consultation.

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Supporting Sexual Wellness

Distresses such as low libido and vaginal dryness can lead to a painful sexual experience for women. While these issues can be very familiar to the masses, women tend to be shy and often too embarrassed to discuss this topic with anyone—even their medical practitioner. Designed with the specific sexual goals of women in mind, the Sexual Wellness Program offers help and enhancement to females who are grappling with age-related symptoms in their sex life.

Testosterone therapy can also be offered to women with low sexual desire. These improved hormone levels may assist with improving sexual desire. We also offer PT 141 and rapid dissolve sublingual tablets. Lastly, the O-Shot can also be offered to assist with sexual response.

If you are ready to transform your life with expert care from a highly trained physician who concentrates in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and sexual wellness, contact Three Rivers Restorative Medicine today. At Three Rivers Restorative Medicine in Pittsburgh, Dr. Wharton and his team can help you reach your best health ever. Dr. Wharton is among the top physicians in Pittsburgh specially certified to help you accomplish your health goals, including relief of hormone imbalance symptoms. Embark on a customized treatment plan created to fit your way of life and ensure you reach optimal wellness. Start your journey now, contact Three Rivers Restorative Medicine to schedule your first appointment.

Sexual Wellness in


Andropause and menopause are a time during which hormone levels and ratios change – often slowing metabolism, altering hormone production and accelerating the aging process. Once the changes occur there needs to be a concerted, well-organized effort to slow the worsening of sexual dysfunction. Even some degree of reversal is possible at any age.

These changes can start as early as the 30s for both men and women. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is not always necessary to restore full and optimal function. Dr. Wharton can guide you on your journey to sexual wellness and help you reach your full sexual potential.

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